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1.1  Publications in peer reviewed journals


Piazzalunga D., Di Tommaso M. L., (2018), "The increase of the gender wage gap in Italy during the 2008-2012 economic crisis", Journal of Economic Inequality, forthcoming.

Andreassen, L. Di Tommaso M.L. (2018), "Estimating capabilities with random scale models. Women's freedom of movement", Social Choice and Welfare, forthcoming.

 Bettio F. Della Giusta M. Di Tommaso M.L. (2017), "Sex work and trafficking: Moving beyond dichotomies", Feminist Economics, 23(3). pp 1-22

 Contini D., Di Tommaso M.L., Mendolia S. (2017), The gender gap in mathematics achievement:  Evidence from Italian data. Economics of Education Review,  58, pp 32-42. doi 10.1016/j.econedurev.2017.03.001

 Andreassen, L., Di Tommaso, M.L, Strøm S. (2017), Nurses and physicians: A longitudinal analysis of mobility between jobs and labor supply. Empirical Economics, 52 (4) pp 1235-1269 doi:10.1007/s00181-016-1116-2.

 Della Giusta, M., Di Tommaso M.L., Jewell S. (2017), Stigma and Risky Behaviors Among Male clients of Sex Workers in the UK in 2001, Feminist Economics. doi: 10.1080/13545701.2016.1203453

 Della Giusta, M., Di Tommaso M.L., Jewell S. (2017), Men buying sex. Differences between urban and rural areas in the UK. Urban Studies, 54(3) pp713-729.

Addabbo T. Di Tommaso M. L., Maccagnan A. (2016), Education capability: a focus on gender and science. Social Indicators Research. 128 (2):793-812.

 Addabbo T. Di Tommaso M. L., Maccagnan A. (2014), "Gender Differences in Italian Children Capabilities", Feminist Economics, vol. 20, 2, pp 90-121.

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 Bonomi, G., Brosio G. Di Tommaso M.L. (2013) "The Impact of Gender Quotas on Votes for Women Candidates: Evidence from Italy", Feminist Economics, vol. 19, 4, pp 48-75. 

Di Tommaso M. L (2012), Book review of "Women, Work, and Politics: The Political Economy of Gender Inequality", by Torben Iversen and Frances Rosenbluth. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2010. 224 pp. ISBN-13: 9780300153101, Feminist Economics, vol 18, 3, pg 146-150.   DOI:10.1080/13545701.2012.717176

Di Tommaso M.L., Saether E.M., Strøm S. (2009). "Nurses Wanted. Is the job too harsh or is the wage too low?" Journal of Health Economics,  vol. 28, pp 748-757.

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Della Giusta M., Di Tommaso M.L., Strøm S. (2009) "Who's Watching? The market for Prostitution Services." Journal of Population Economics, Vol. 22, 2, pp. 501-516.

Della Giusta, M., Di Tommaso M.L., Shima I., Strøm S. (2009) "What money buys: clients of street sex workers in the US" (with Della Giusta, Shima, Strøm), Applied Economics, vol.41,18, pp.2261-2277.

Di Tommaso M.L., Raiser M., Weeks M. (2007) "Home Grown or Imported? Initial Conditions, External Anchors, and the Determinants of Institutional Reform in the Transition Economies", Economic Journal, vol 117, pp 858-881. 

Di Tommaso M.L.  (2007) "Children capabilities: a structural equation model for India." Journal of Socio Economics, vol 36, pp 436-450.

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Di Tommaso M.L.  (1999) "A trivariate model of participation, fertility and wages: the Italian case",  Cambridge Journal of Economics, vol 23, 5, pp 623-640.

Di Tommaso M.L.  (1997) "Nora Federici e l'economia della famiglia"(with D. Del Boca) Storia del pensiero economico,  vol. 33-34, pp 183-191.

Colombino U. Di Tommaso M.L. (1996) "Is the Preference for Children so Low or is the Price of Time so High? A simultaneous model of fertility and participation in Italy with cohort effects", (with U.Colombino) Labour, vol.10, 3, pp 475-493.

Di Tommaso M.L.  (1994) "Effetto della riduzione dell'orario standard di lavoro sull'occupazione" (Effect of the reduction of the working time length on occupation),  Economia e Lavoro,  3-4, pp 235-240.

1.2   Books

Della Giusta M. Di Tommaso M.L. Strøm S. (2008) Sex markets: a denied industry, Routledge, London.

1.3   Contributions to books

Villosio C., Di Tommaso M.L, Grinza E., Rossi M.C., Piazzalunga D., Mantouvalou K.and Caisl J. (2017).  Economic benefits of gender equality in the European Union. Literature review: existing evidence and methodological approaches. European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)  ISBN 978-92-9493-197-9 doi:10.2839/3096

Della Giusta M. Di Tommaso M.L. (2016) Affluent and Devout. Men's paying for sex in the United Kingdom. Chapter 6 in Cunningham S. and Shah M. (2016), Handbook of the Economics of Prostitution, Oxford University Press.

Addabbo T. Di Tommaso M.L. Maccagnan A. (2012) Capacità cognitive e sviluppo umano, in L. Tronti (ed) "Il capitale umano. Definizione e misurazioni ", Padova, Cedam-Kluwer, ISBN: 978-88-13-33528-1.

Di Tommaso M.L. (2012) Un approccio economico al mercato del sesso a pagamento. In C. Cipolla, E. Ruspini  (eds) "Prostituzioni visibili e invisibili", pg 333-346, Milano, Franco Angeli.

Addabbo T. Di Tommaso M.L.(2011)'Children's Capabilities and Family Characteristics in Italy: Measuring Imagination and Play', pp 222-242 in Jerome Ballet, Mario Biggeri and Flavio Comim (ed), Children and the Capability Approach, New York, Palgrave Macmillan, ISBN: 978-0-230-28481-4.

Di Tommaso M.L (2006) Children capabilities: conceptualisation and measurement issues. Chapter in  Reboud, V., "Amartya Sen : un économiste du développement?", Notes et Documents, Agence Française de Développement, Paris.

Di Tommaso M.L, Krkoska, Raiser M., Structural Change in Transition, chapter 4 in the Transition Report 1999 -Ten years of transition, European Bank for Reconstructing and Development, London, UK, October 1999.

1.4   Working papers under revision in international journals

Andreassen L., Di Tommaso M.L: Maccagnan A., Do men care? Men's Supply of Unpaid Labour. Working Paper, Dept. of Economics and Statistics, QR 45/2015, ISSN: 2039-4004.

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Temi di ricerca

Current research projects include

a)      Gender gap in mathematics (forthcoming paper on Economics and Education Review and a new research project  starting in November  2017 and ending in March 2020. Principal Investigator of the  Progetto di Ateneo 2016: "Tackling the Gender Gap in Mathematics in Piedmont".

b)      Sex work and trafficking (editor of a special issue of Feminist Economics forthcoming in 2017, and also a study of the demand of paid sex in UK).

c)      How to measure and value freedom of choice? Operationilising  the capability approach in a gender perspective (two working papers on men unpaid work and women's freedom of movement respectively).

d)     Gender wage gap in Italy (one working paper)

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