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Pubblicato: Venerdì 24 aprile 2020 da Vera Palea


AVVISO: A causa della elevata domanda di tesi, si comunica che, una volta assegnata, la tesi verrà resa nuovamente disponibile e attribuita ad altro studente/studentessa nel caso in cui la docente non ricevesse aggiornamenti con frequenza almeno mensile.

- Sustainable Finance for biodiversity: This thesis will provide an in-depth analysis of the literature on the topic. 

- The EU Taxonomy on biodiversity: This thesis will consist in an analysis of the EU Taxonomy regulation on biodiversity. It will also discuss biodiversity indicators at a firm level.

-  The EU Taxonomy on circular economy: This thesis will consist in an analysis of the EU Taxonomy regulation on circular economy and the main CE indicators at a company level.

- Development of Sustainable Finance Frameworks Globally: This thesis aims at discussing the latest progress as well as challenges and opportunities of implementing a globally accepted sustainable finance framework. It will consist of an analysis of different jurisdictions, including the International Platform on Sustainable Finance, to explain the latest national and regional developments in this area.

- Development of ESG reporting standards at an international level: This thesis aims at discussing progress in sustainability reporting at an international level, and to deepen possible interaction between global and jurisdictional standards.

- Big Players in ESG reporting standards-setting: This thesis aims at investigating the private/public background of the relevant players in ESG reporting standards-setting, with the purpose of getting insights into possible regulatory capture.

- Environmental Taxonomy, cost of capital, and investment evaluation (with a specific focus on energy projects): This thesis aims at investigating differences in the cost of capital according to the eco-sustainability of economic activities. 

- Social Taxonomy: This thesis aims at describing the main features and state of the implementation of a Social Taxonomy in the EU.

- Do not significant harm: This thesis aims at describing the main characteristics of the "do not signifcant harm", which is relevant to define an environmentally sustainable economic activity.  

- From Analysis Scenario to Ratings: This thesis describes recent advancements in research to factoring physical and transition risks into credit risk assessment.

- Incorporation of ESG into Credit Agencies' Ratings: This thesis describes methodologies with which credit rating agencies are incorporating ESG factors into their ratings.

- Greenwashing in the financial market: This thesis describes the main issues relating to greenwashing and provides a literature review of the scientific articles on the topic.

- Detecting greenwashing in the financial market: This thesis investigates the main tool that can be used to detect greenwashing in the financial market.

- Carbon risk premium in the financial market: This thesis investigates empirically the presence of a carbon risk premium in the financial market.

- Sustainable development and the theory of the firm: This thesis investigates the consequences of the sustainable development objective on the role and form of businesses in society. 

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