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Economia della conoscenza


Anno accademico 2012/2013

Codice dell'attività didattica
Aldo Geuna (Titolare del corso)
Corso di studi
[f009-c503] Laurea magistrale in Sviluppo, ambiente e cooperazione - a Torino
1° anno
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SSD dell'attività didattica
SECS-P/02 - politica economica
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The course aims to develop a critical knowledge of the fundaments of the economics and policy of knowledge production with particular emphasis on university research. The course will introduce the student to the principal institutions and policies in the area of research and innovation in the G7 countries and other BRIC countries. Particular attention will be devoted to the comparative analysis. A thematic seminar (6 hours) either on interactions between technological change and the environment or on the cinema industry is also included.


Risultati dell'apprendimento attesi

The course provides detailed knowledge on the development and implementation of science and technology policies. Students will acquire the needed theoretical and empirical knowledge to critically evaluate market failure situations that would justify the development specific policies. The analysis of the rationale behind policy action and the problems associated to the development and implementation of specific policies will help the students to develop a critical knowledge of the difficulties inherent to the development of science and technology policy. The class presentation, in which students will be asked to provide “evidence based” support for the development of a specific policy (role playing type of presentation) will allow the students to develop professional skills. Finally, students will be asked to produce a term paper enabling them to improve their reporting skills producing a text that will be placed at the cross border between academic research and policy report.




The course is structured into four main modules. The first present a brief introduction to the economics of innovation paying particular attention to the concepts of knowledge and information. The second module focuses on the higher education and research systems in a set of European countries the US and a few other countries countries (depending on the interests of the students). Two classes will be devoted to the discussion of Science and Technology Indicators for policy making. The third module is devoted to the critical analysis of important policy instruments such as research assessment, foresight. How were this policies developed? How have been adapted in other countries? Are they effective? In which conditions can they be applied? The last module examine in details the relationships between science and technology. Particular attention will be given to the analysis of university-industry interactions, academic patenting and other channels of knowledge transfer. 

The course offer the opportunity to follow a series of seminars on the economics of innovation and knowledge (with Italian and foreign presenters, all presentations in English) given at the Department of Economics S. Cognetti de Martiis on Wednesday from 17:00 to 18:30. Attendance of the seminars is strongly suggested.

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